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Customer Satisfaction Research

Go beyond typical mystery shopping!
Why not increase the value of your mystery shopping data by comparing it to your customer satisfaction surveys.

We can capture your data directly into our online reporting system and use our head to head report to compare the results for each programme.

"We can offer a low maintenance and cost effective method to measure your customer satisfaction."




Web Surveys
Your customers can register their opinions instantly using our online web surveys.  You will be given a custom web address, and your survey will be branded in your company logos and colours.

"You can also offer prizes and incentives to increase survey responses."

Phone surveys
IVR (interactive voice response) technology allows us to collect feedback from your customers.  By using a standard or mobile phone your customers can simply answer questions by hitting a few keys on their phone.

The data is captured for your immediate viewing.  They can even leave verbal comments for instant playback over the internet.